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Why IDM?

At Impact Data Metrics, we understand Place.

We use advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to create our datasets ensuring their stewardship, integrity and provenance. With billions of records, we have datasets covering education, business, demographics, property, research, innovation, investment, skills, jobs, and more.

Working with Impact Data Metrics you will access a singularly valuable resource to help you to make decisions with the data you need and not just the data that you have.

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AI & Machine Learning

Our proprietary AI/ML approach powers our products.

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Collect, Clean & Organise Data

We get rid of errors and fill gaps in datasets.

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Reliable Data

By fixing data quality we know we can rely on our analysis.

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Quality Data Insights

By assembling multiple datasets we derive deep insights that enhance client decision making.

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Mapping Activity

We know what’s happening and where across the UK and beyond.

Home Numbers 1 3,000,000,000
Records Aggregated
Home Numbers 3 9,000,000
Research Publications Processed
Home Numbers 2 6,000,000
Businesses Mapped
Home Numbers 4 1,000,000
Job Vacancies Analysed/ yr

Our Products & Services

IDM Life Sciences

We have used a variety of machine-learning techniques to create an AI-driven solution that has produce detailed, current and accurate lists of Life Science businesses in the UK.

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IDM Insights

IDM’s range of Insights products provide data of the highest quality and resolution in the market, giving you the comfort that your decision making is taken from the best and most defensible position available.

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IDM Bespoke

We work collaboratively, with a strong emphasis on understanding and defining the key questions that need to be answered to deliver the deepest insights.

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What our clients say

We value our customers feedback

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