Impact Data Metrics Deep insights from the data you need

Better Decisions from Defensible Analytics

Making decisions is hard, and decision makers are increasingly using data to drive critical and automated decision making. They will often rely on a combination of information sources to support their decisions, usually describing systems at the macro-level and ultimately relying on ‘gut instinct’ and experience to fill in the gaps. But without confirming the veracity or accuracy of the data, decision makers leave themselves open to a new, critical vulnerability - decisions that are, at best, of dubious value and, at worst, simply erroneous and unfounded.

Impact Data Metrics provides data of the highest quality and resolution in the market, giving you the comfort that your decision making is taken from the best and most defensible position available.

At Impact Data Metrics, we use advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to create our datasets ensuring their stewardship, integrity and provenance. With billions of records, we have datasets covering education, business, demographics, property, research, innovation, investment, skills, jobs, and many others besides.

Working with Impact Data Metrics you will access a singularly valuable resource to help you to make decisions with the data you need and not just the data that you have.