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Influential Podcast: Biotech and the global recovery from Covid-19

Hopes for the global recovery from the COVID-19 crisis very much rest on the biotech sector. What has the pandemic told us about the sector in the UK and the nation’s bio-security...

30th Jun 2020

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What graduate retention really tells us about cities

Graduate retention data has become a badge of honour in the economic development story. High numbers equals attractiveness to talent...

20th April 2020

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IDM Supports The English Cities Fund in Salford bid win

Impact Data Metrics is celebrating being part of the team that helped English Cities Fund – a strategic joint venture between urban regenerator, Muse Developments...

7th April 2020

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Building a better healthcare cluster

Science and technology has always been a powerful dynamic in regeneration, and the fourth industrial revolution has many parallels with the first in the way that it continues to shape...

9th January 2020

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A reform agenda for government data

In the UK regions ‘Whitehall’ has long been a by-word for scepticism about policy created in faraway London. It can be loaded with the idea civil servants in the ca...

16th December 2019

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Are you Ready for REF?

Universities are in the process of gathering evidence and creating documentation to support the submissions to REF, the system for assessing the quality of research in the UK’s higher education system...

14th May 2019

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The Real Healthcare Lottery

We recently had an unfortunate situation of a colleague requiring an ambulance due to a life-threatening episode. When the ambulance arrived (75 minutes later from a hospital 10. .

12th March 2019

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Are we developing the right skills for growth?

As a nation, our productivity ‘problem’ is well-documented. In fact, the Office for National Statistics reported a mere 0.2% growth.. . .

11th March 2019